Release of the HLEG on sustainable finance final report

Finance for Tomorrow welcomes the publication of the recommandations of the high-level expert group (HLEG) on sustainable finance to the european commission

The High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Sustainable Finance, established in late 2016, published its final recommendations today. They aim to serve as a roadmap to the action plan which the European Commission is to release in March.
The HLEG on sustainable finance final report constitutes a new illustration of the acceleration of the transition towards a low-carbon economy and a sustainable financial system at global level. This movement is particularly significant in France: the Paris Financial Center proved a leading force in 2017 to mobilize international financial actors, through the launch of Finance for Tomorrow by Paris EUROPLACE (June), the creation of the Network of Financial Centers for Sustainability, under the patronage of the United-Nations (September) and the organization of the 3rd Climate Finance Day (December).
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