Finance for Tomorrow mobilized for the International Biodiversity Day

On May 21, we initiated an article published in Le Monde and signed by 16 key players from the financial sector, academic research, public institutions and associations. The goal is double: demonstrate both the investment potential in Biodiversity and Natural Capital as well as the pioneering role of French actors, and call for a strong mobilization, with multi-stakeholder partnerships and ambitious political agreements.

Read the op-ed in Le Monde

As part of the work of our “Biodiversity & Natural Capital Network”, we organised a “Biodiversity & Finance” workshop aimed at creating an open forum for dialogue between stakeholders to better understand how finance can consider biodiversity issues and integrate them into its activities. Our workshop was based on the most recent scientific work, including the meetings of the G7 Environment Meeting and the IPBES global assessment in early May.
The discussions were moderated by the Biodiversity & Natural Capital Network’pilots, Clément Chenost, Co-Founder and Director of The Moringa Fund and Gautier Quéru, Director of the Mirova LDN Fund.
In his introduction, Philippe Zaouati, CEO of Mirova, emphasised the need to a collectively mobilization to preserve biological diversity!
First, Hélène Soubelet, Director at Foundation for research on Biodiversity, presented the “IPBES’ 2019 Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services”. This global scientific framework enable to understand pressures affecting biodiversity and develop solutions that meet the challenges.
Then, Edward Perry, Special Advisor at the OECD Environment Directorate, presented the report “Biodiversity: Finance and the Economic and Business Case for Action“, prepared for the G7 Environment meeting. He identified the need to align international public policies to create a positive framework for biodiversity conservation, notably through an ambitious agreement at the next Convention on Biological Diversity in 2020.
Ciprian Ionescu, Project Manager Natural Capital Programme at WWF France, presented the report jointly produced by WWF and AXA, during the G7 Environment: “Into the Wild – Integrating Nature into Investment Strategies“. The report’s conclusions are in line with those of the OECD, on the need for more reliable information. The report calls for a “Task Force on Nature Financial Disclosure” based on the TCFD model for climate.
Joshua Berger, Global Biodiversity Score Project Manager at CDC Biodiversité presented an overview of the metrics and indicators developed by public and private actors to integrate biodiversity into economic activities.
To conclude our workshop, Virginie Dumoulin, Director of European and International Affairs at the Ministry of Ecological and Inclusive Transition, concluded the discussions by presenting the biodiversity discussion issues debated during the G7 Environment meeting held in Metz in early May.
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