FC4S Meeting in Shanghai: Paris is appointed co-chair of the Network!

The 2nd meeting of the global network of Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) and the appointment of 2 co-chairs to provide strategic leadership

18-19 October – Shanghai

On the occasion of this new meeting, Paris (Finance for Tomorrow) and Shanghai (Green Finance Committee) have been appointed to co-chair for the first 2018-2020 mandate with Pierre Ducret, Board member of the Paris-based Finance for Tomorrow initiative and Kong Wei, Chair of the Shanghai Green Finance Committee
In addition, the new Wall Street Working Group on Sustainable Finance will also be joining the network to represent New York. Finance for Tomorrow is very proud to have been instrumental in the launching of this new initiative at the occasion of the 2nd One Planet Summit.
Pierre Ducret, Board Member of Finance for Tomorrow and Co-Chair of FC4S said : “The IPCC report has shown more clearly than ever the need to “shift the trillions” for the fight against  climate change. Accelerating actions is a priority for France and for Finance for Tomorrow. I am honored to have been appointed Co-chair of the Financial Centres for Sustainability Network. I consider this a great opportunity to strengthen international cooperation at a time of great uncertainty. The Network can play a central role to accelerate the achievement of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.”
Philippe Zaouati, Chair of Finance for Tomorrow said: “I am very pleased that this announcement strengthen the cooperation between France and China and the financial markets of Paris and Shanghai, which are both very involved in green finance. We have to act together to mobilize the financial actors and companies from both continents on the transition to a low carbon economy. This collaboration will also initiate the relationship between the European Union and China on green finance.”

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