Climate Finance Day 2017 – The financial industry accelerates on its commitments

On the eve of the One Planet Summit, called for by the President of the Republic, the Climate Finance Day 2017 brought together, at the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance, close to 1,000 high-level international representatives of the financial industry, companies, regulatory and supervisory authorities, as well as development banks, non-governmental organizations and academia.
The Climate Finance Day 2017 focused on accelerating our efforts, highlighted the most innovative initiatives undertaken since COP 21 to strengthen the financial sector’s involvement in combating climate change, financing the energy transition and the adaptation to global warming. The main tools of this transformation are improved transparency and risk analysis as well as the development of green financial instruments, and public-private financing.

Climate Finance Day 2017 – Commitments & Publications

The various stakeholders, representing both the public and private sector, have made new commitments to accelerate the greening of the financial industry.
Press Release
CFD 2017 Program
Paris Green Bonds Pledge
Charter of Public Investors for Climate (FR)