Finance for Tomorrow: 50 ClimActs and a lot more !

Since the Paris Agreement was adopted in 2015, the Paris Financial Center has been strongly involved in financing the transition to a low carbon and inclusive economy. Finance for Tomorrow is the incarnation of this movement. This initiative launched in June 2017 by Paris EUROPLACE gathers the most committed actors on this issue.
The ClimActs you will find here are showcasing this dynamic as they mark concrete milestones in the alignment of the economy and the financial system with the 2 degrees objective. These 50 ClimActs illustrate the momentum carried by Finance for Tomorrow to promote and disseminate best practices. We have already performed concrete actions to differentiate the Paris Financial Center, to reinforce synergies between public and private actors and to foster the European and International outreach of Paris as a green and sustainable financial center:

  • Finance for Tomorrow published a comprehensive analysis of the Intermediary Report of the EU High Level Expert Group (HLEG) on Sustainable Finance in which five of its members participate.
  • What common project could be a better illustration of public-private cooperation than the co-organization by Finance for Tomorrow and the Ministry for the Economy and Finance of the Climate Finance Day on December 11, 2017?
  • At the international level, Finance for Tomorrow plays a leading role in the launch of the Network of Financial Centers for Sustainability.

In 2018, our working groups will deliver further results, which I hope will allow in the months and years to come to multiply the emergence of ClimActs that will make the Finance for tomorrow: a finance that favors long-term solutions, an innovative and digital finance connected to the real economy, a finance mindful of its environmental and social impacts, a finance that invests in the future!

Philippe Zaouati